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Natural caves in the hills of Buda

Budapest as the “Capital City of Bathes” is known and certified all over the world. It is a unique natural quality

Labyrinth of Buda
Buda Castle Labyrinth

The Castle Hill of Buda is an the average 50-60 meters

Rock hospital
Hospital in the rock
LOSK 0101/1 – that is how a super secret military hospital and atom shelter was
Nuclear bunker
Nuclear shelter under the downtown of Budapest

The F4 Object or Rákosi bunker is a formerly secret nuclear shelter under the downtown of Budapest. It is located 39 meters below

Deak Square tiles
The secret of the letter-tiles

If you get off the train at the Deák Ferenc tér station on metro line 3, you can

Millenium underground
The Millennium Underground Railway

The residents call it (Budapest Metro 1 or yellow line) just “Little Underground”,